Project details

Polokei - Online services website

Development Time

10 Days

Color Scheme

polokei color scheme


Aa Asap

Aa Roboto

About the website

Polokei is beyond an app for online transportation, food delivery, logistics, payment, and daily services. They know what it means by emergency and urgency and work to help you even in your toughest times. Their every delivery service is promised to fulfill your requirement quickly, and they deal with your emergency as it is their own.

My goals

Polokei is an online services website. So, my goal and the clients need was to create an online services website with including these things: 

  1. Create a home page by showing some of their services.
  2. Create an about us page to describe them.
  3. Show all of their services on one page.
  4. Create a single page for each service.
  5. A FAQ page and a FAQ form for the users.
  6. User and Vendor support page.
  7. Lastly, custom blog system for blogs/articles.

The Results

The website has 15+ pages and I’ve designed and created a website by completing the goals and the client requirements. The client was very with all my suggestions and the website.

Home Page

I have followed my client’s instructions for the home page and made it user-friendly with a slider that has motion effects.

polokei bg1
polokei bg2
polokei bg3
polokei bg4

Main Pages

I have tried to create a company vibe on the website and make it as user-friendly as possible. I created the other pages by completing client requirements, goal completion, and trying my best in making everything look nice.

polokei bg5
polokei bg6
polokei bg7
polokei bg8

Mobile Version

My all design perfectly responsive for mobile version as well
polokei mobile bg1
polokei mobile bg2
polokei mobile bg3
polokei mobile bg4

Amazing job! Very quick and efficient, super polite, and nice to talk to. Very skilled, I enjoyed working with Nafiul very much!

- S. Siraj

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