Project details

Inanipoint - Software integration firms

Development Time

15 Days

Color Scheme

inanipoint color scheme

About the website

InaniPoint has a long history as one of the leading Microsoft Power BI, Office 365, MS Teams, and SharePoint technology consulting and software integration firms in the country. Founded in 1997, InaniPoint has been pioneering the way organizations collaborate, communicate and share information. We leverage our time-tested deep expertise through proven ‘From the Consulting Trenches’ strategies that serve as the foundation for their solutions and services for thousands of organizations. Their award-winning strategies focus on harnessing your organization’s granular business requirements to provide end-to-end solutions to meet their client’s company’s needs.

My goals

Inanipoint is a software integration firm. So, my goal and the clients need was to create a software integration firm website with including these things: 

  1. Create a home page (following my home page guideline).
  2. Create an about us page to describe them.
  3. Create a single page for each service.
  4. Create training pages.
  5. Download request page with a form.
  6. Lastly, contact us page for their visitor to contact them.

The Results

I’ve designed and created a website by completing the goals and the client requirements. I also added a newsletter on every single bottom of the page, so that they can collect their leads and that can be used in future marketing campaigns as well as social media buttons to help promote it across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Home Page

On the home page, I have followed my home page guideline. I also added some extra sections to the home page.

inanipoint bg1
inanipoint bg2
inanipoint bg3
inanipoint bg4

Main Pages

I have tried to create a company vibe on the website and make it as user-friendly as possible. I created the other pages by completing client requirements, goal completion, and trying my best in making everything look nice.

inanipoint bg5

Mobile Version

My all design perfectly responsive for mobile version as well
inanipoint mobile bg1
inanipoint mobile bg2
inanipoint mobile bg3
inanipoint mobile bg4

Excelente! Nafiul is extremely professional. He answered all my questions. He went above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend him! He replied ASAP all the time.

- S. Siraj

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