Project details

Gobizapps -App development agency website

Development Time

19 Days

Color Scheme

gobizapps color scheme


Aa Heebo

Aa Oswald

Aa Asap

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About the website

GoBizApps is a selected marketplace for similar apps for popular mobile and web apps. They make apps creation a possibility. They advanced on-demand clone app development solutions for all types of businesses.

My goals

Gobizapps is an app development agency. So, my goal and the clients need was to create an app development agency website with including these things: 

  1. Create a home page (following my home page guideline).
  2. Create an about us page to describe them.
  3. Show all of their services on one page.
  4. Create a single page for each service.
  5. Hire us and dedicated platform hire pages.
  6. Custom blog system for blogs/articles.
  7. App development cost calculator page.
  8. Lastly, contact us page for their visitor to contact them.

The Results

The website has 45+ pages and I’ve designed and created a website by completing the goals and the client requirements. I also added a call to action button on all bottom of the pages The client was very with all my suggestions and the website.

Home Page

On the home page, I have followed my home page guideline. I also added some extra sections to the home page.

gobizapps bg1
gobizapps bg2
gobizapps bg3
gobizapps bg4

Main Pages

I have tried to create a company vibe on the website and make it as user-friendly as possible. I created the other pages by completing client requirements, goal completion, and trying my best in making everything look nice.

gobizapps bg5
gobizapps bg6
gobizapps bg7

Mobile Version

My all design perfectly responsive for mobile version as well
gobizapps mobile bg1 1
gobizapps mobile bg2 1
gobizapps mobile bg3 1
gobizapps mobile bg4 1

I liked very much working with Nafiul and with continuing to work with him. He is talented and professional.

- Ngozika

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