Project details

Digitaldesignlondon -Digital agency website

Development Time

10 Days

Color Scheme

ddl color scheme


Aa Asap

Aa Montserrat

About the website

Digital Design London has a well-balanced set of tools to create incredible digital solutions, with a core aim to empower entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses innovation with beautifully crafted designs. They believe they are helping businesses to produce next-generation companies to grow for our town and Citys for future generations to come and are very proud of their work.

My goals

Digitaldesignlondon is a digital agency website. So, my goal and the clients need was to create a digital agency website with including these things: 

  1. Create a home page (following my home page guideline).
  2. Create an about us page to describe them.
  3. Show all of their services on one page.
  4. Create a single page for each service.
  5. Each service has different pricing so they also want an online selling option after then click buy now.
  6. Custom cart and checkout page.
  7. A FAQ page and a FAQ form for the users.
  8. Custom blog system for blogs/articles.
  9. Lastly, contact us page for their visitor to contact them.

The Results

I’ve redesigned the old website and created a new website by completing the goals and the client requirements. I also added custom automatic order invoices and an order confirmation mail system, so that they can build more trust in their customers as well as social media buttons to help promote their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Home Page

On the home page, I have followed my home page guideline but I didn’t use some options because of the client’s requirements.

ddl bg1
ddl bg2
ddl bg3
ddl bg4

Main Pages

I have tried to create a company vibe on the website and make it as user-friendly as possible. I created the other pages by completing client requirements, goal completion, and trying my best in making everything look nice.

ddl bg5

Mobile Version

My all design perfectly responsive for mobile version as well
ddl mobile bg1
ddl mobile bg2
ddl mobile bg3
ddl mobile bg5

Great guy. Completed the job exactly as I asked ahead of time. Even gave me tips to optimize my website to function better.

- Damien

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