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Anastasios - Art award exhibition website

Development Time

10 Days

Color Scheme

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About the website

Anastasios Nyfadopoulos is the recipient of the 2018 global arts Award from Red Line Artworks and a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. In 2015, at the age of 22, he creates “Crisis”, the first public sculpture addressing the consequences of the socio-economic crisis on humanity. Leading national and international media, including the Associated Press and Xinhua News Agency, report on the artwork. He participates in exhibitions and art fairs in Greece, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Anastasios focuses on humanity, how it is shaped, how it may change and evolve. He embodies in his art the principles of interconnectivity and perpetual change, through the theme, the physical appearance, the materials of choice, and the fabrication process.

My goals

Anastasios Nyfadopoulos is an Art award exhibition website and they sell premium ArtWorks.  So, my goal and the clients need was to create a webshop and showcase their premium ArtWorks with including these things: 

  1. Create a home page by showcasing some of their ArtWorks.
  2. Create an about us page to describe them.
  3. Create a shop page for all of their ArtWorks.
  4. Create a single ArtWork (product) page.
  5. Custom cart and checkout page.
  6. Newsletter for collecting leads and social media links.
  7. Lastly, contact us page for their visitor to contact them.

The Results

I’ve redesigned the old website and created a new website by completing the goals and the client requirements. I also added custom automatic order invoices and an order confirmation mail system, so that they can build more trust in their customers.

The client was very with all my suggestions and the new website.

Home Page

I have followed my client’s instructions for the home page and made it user-friendly with a slider that has motion effects.

nyfadopoulos bg1
nyfadopoulos bg2
nyfadopoulos bg3
nyfadopoulos bg4

Main Pages

I have tried to create a company vibe on the website and make it as user-friendly as possible. I created the other pages by completing client requirements, goal completion, and trying my best in making everything look nice.

Mobile Version

My all design perfectly responsive for mobile version as well
nyfadopoulos mobile bg1
nyfadopoulos mobile bg2
nyfadopoulos mobile bg3
nyfadopoulos mobile bg4

It was an excellent choice to work with him. Not only did he covered my needs but he also made many suggestions that made the website even better than I had imagined! He was always there when I needed something and was replying to me quickly. He made all the changes that I requested immediately and even when some things needed more time and more research he devoted the time to find solutions. I will work with him again and I recommend him 100%.

- Dimitra

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